Peters: ‘We Need To Adapt To Conditions’

Following the Winsford United defeat we spoke to Manager Brent Peters who had this to say: “I went with the same shape and more or less the same team that played so well against Radcliffe Boro, the difference being the playing surface. During the first half whilst the playing surface was passable, not the best but ok we did as against Radcliffe have a good shape about us. We were disciplined within that shape & from this we were the team very much in control. We looked assured at the back, in control in midfield, and patient up front. If anything we were  just lacking that bit of pace and aggression from our central striker to capitalise on their two centre backs when playing out from the back as they did not look comfortable when had pressure put on them. This I addressed at the break.” Peters added “Winsford got their opening goal against the run of play, Haydn Paul needlessly gave away a free kick wide and deep. We defended the ball delivered in but the second ball was latched onto by Winsford, struck first time and it found its way into the net. Their lead did not last as Matty Bryan delivered a quality cross which their keeper could only parry and Cocks was there to give us a deserved equaliser. Whilst I was pleased at the break, my worry was the pitch. It was turning into a muddy mess. I realise people reading this will say it was the same for both sides, but this is where I disagree. There is no doubt in my mind the fact that we did not change our game to adapt to the declining surface, the fact that whenever we surrendered possession Winsford went direct, then that was how we lost two second half goals. The players worked really hard and certainly did not deserve a 3-1 reverse. What we must do now going forward is have a rethink on our ethos of short sharp passing. The pitches all over are in total decline due to the bad wet weather. If we don’t change then that word decline will be happening to us, something that I will not allow to happen”.

Peters went on “The ironic part is Matthew Wrigley had only two saves to make which were in the first half. Winsford struck two first time second half balls and both found their way into the net, clinical finishing, something we lack. We usually try to set ourselves up for a better position and the chance then eludes us. If any lesson should be learnt its exactly what Winsford did on all three goals, they never thought about it, they never took a touch, they struck three first time efforts and with it got three goals. This in contrast to us that constantly and frustratingly play as individuals in and around the box with no end product”. Peters finished by saying ” Their own supporters stood behind my dug out all recognised how hard we had worked and really did not deserve what we got. Whilst I can and the boys can take heart from those comments the simple fact is if we don’t tighten up our game on pitches like today and we don’t start getting our shots off when in areas to do so, then sadly for all their hard work the end result will be the same as today”

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