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Peters: “We Need To Get In Where It Hurts’

Manager Brent Peters spoke following the Bootle defeat when he had this to say” It was really pleasing to have Lee Oldham back from injury, the goal he scored and the ball of such quality from Matthew Bryan was top drawer, the signing of James Ogoo will prove to be an excellent signing but in this game he was unacceptably left isolated on too many occasions by his midfield partner who was constantly getting himself into area’s of the pitch in order to try to influence the game but once out of possession finding himself way out of position and not able to get himself back in order to help protect our defence, Peters added “against teams such as Bootle one must be prepared to go toe to toe and compete physically, with James Ogoo and Lee Oldham we had this but one late set back we had was having to sit Gareth Wager out when we learned he had a one match ban, he also is a competitive player too which we missed, not only his physical presence but his talking,Peters added ” we scored two very good goals, I was pleased for Paul Nelson scoring, again when he came on he offered us something different and his goal will no doubt do him a power of good, scoring two goals should have been enough to see us get something from the game, sadly we did not because once again we gave free kicks away in dangerous positions, their first and second goal identical was pathetic defending from our point of view, the delivery was there to be won had one of the players taken responsibility, but sadly worse than this, their lad drifts into space between two defenders bending low to direct an header which bounced up,leaving us to concedeA really weak goal,as the ball goes into the net leaving two of our players just looking at each other, Peters added ” I want players at this club that are going to be physically strong to compete, check runs and stick their bodies where they may get hurt for the cause, something when needed today did not happen, although I must not include Otis Gorman to whom did play well through out, Peters added we found ourselves 3-1down at the break because of the two weak unopposed free kicks and the third coming when their central midfield player finds himself not for the first time completely free in space to then strike the ball first time from a fair distance out,that for some un be known reason my keeper did not deal with the shot, probably because he had also switched off and was not expecting the shot and due to this did make himself look poor, those three outrages goals were the difference between the two sides, Peters added ” we all talk about needing a natural goal scorer, yes this may be the case but first of all whilst we do need to defend set pieces better, from this then going forward we have to get the ball with quality upto our front lads early, this is something we do not do and this is something which is the reason why we do not in the Maine score goals, we tend to get the ball from the back from this we have no positive meaning, we go to full back who goes to centre back, who then does play into a midfield player who as come onto the centre back but then he goes back to full back, by the time all this is going on we have had several touches, not got anywhere and being pressed in by the opposition, peters added I do not have a problem building from the back but with some positive forward passing such as like the excellent first goal we scored,basically from the ball arriving with Matty Bryan with three touches it was in the back of the net off Lee Oldham’s head, Peters added ” the full backs are fully aware of what they have to do with the ball and equally so are the wide players, however in this game we never got the best out of our skipper and why? Because wrongly he would drop right in onto the full back and demand the ball, the fact that by doing this he is taking the full backs space, we have nothing higher up the channel and he finds himself with the ball in tight area’s that inevitably he then looses and from this we are again on the back foot, Peters added” it is beggars belief that players fail to play to their own and that of their teams strength especially when not only have we worked on this but we instruct them to watch closely their professional peers from the Premiership in terms of being positive with forward passing, take Man Utd they may give bad goals away but you can never right them off,it is alright saying they have a top striker in RVP but he gets good early service to finish as proved when He got United’s late equaliser yesterday, yet if RVP was at Bacup( I wish) he would be starved because certain players think by going long into space it is a wasted ball, they would rather take endless touches and get nothing other than putting themselves under needless pressure in the defensive third of the pitch, Peters concluded I am happy to give players a chance but some of these players now have had more than a good chance, we have some good lads at the club that have not had a chance but are ready and should be given that chance, whether they are the answer only time will tell, what I can tell you is that I am determined to bring in more experienced physical lads that want to win, that are determined to win and to enable them to win will inevitably make us all make a tough nut to crack, sadly light weights get found out in this league we must have that winning mentality and prepare to go in where it hurts, it is little surprise our Achilles heel not only this season but for the past couple of season as been defending set pieces, situations where one must be competative and prepared to put their heads and bodies on the line, this is an area sadly we constantly fail on which now must change, as also being more direct and positive rather than side ways, back, and side ways again, that got us no where and in the end got us absolutely nothing from the game other than talking about two excellent, that did turn out to be fruitless goals.”