Peters: ‘Win Was Fully Deserved’

Following Bacup Borough’s fourth win in five games, we spoke to the Bacup Manager Brent Peters who had this to say: “I am pleased for the boys following previous results, it just proves that when everyone performs their responsibilities within the team shape then the team will go on to win more games than not. Following the Maine Road game I decided to stay loyal to the team in its entirety that had done so well against a very good Maine Road side, although I was under no illusions that the St Helens game would bring a more physical game than the game against Maine Road. This it did and the fact that we were defending the slope in the first half also brought with it something different than one would normally expect. By this I am referring to the direct approach our hosts did play in order to use the slope to their advantage”. Peters added: “Whilst we did cope quite well it was a terrific save from Ryan Jones that ensured our half time target of not conceding kept on track. Whilst I do not want to be too critical to my boys, we were guilty of being the creators of the problems we put ourselves in which did lead to an unusual excessive corner count against us. When we got on the ball deep, we still tried to play in what I class as a dangerous area especially when the opposition were going long and pressing us in. When we did get the ball forward, there was only Tommy Turner fighting for the ball, this whilst his forward mates would be more inclined to stand off, this rather than be involved in a physical contest. Do not get me wrong, there is a difference between working hard and working hard and competing. Kicking up the hill our outlet ball was to go long hoping the front lads would take care of the rest”. Peters added: “It just shows the difference in opposition can make a difference, against Maine Road Paul Nelson linked play well, in this game before one could link play one had to scrap for the ball, something that on the night he did struggle with hence the change prior to half time. As the saying goes, horses for courses. Whilst I was pleased to come in at the break having not conceded, I also did find myself having words with David Grey, not that he was not working, he was, but at 6ft 2″ I expected Dave to get in the mix more to compete with defenders, this rather than standing off to see what developed”. Peters added: “The second half was a different game altogether, going down the slope meant we could then change our mindset from that of the first half. This we did and once both Aaron Kirk and Darren Evans did tighten their passing up, then more and more were we becoming a serious threat to St Helens. Matty Bryan did well finding Dave Grey to open the scoring, whilst also credit must go to Dave Grey for his composed finish. Likewise also for his second goal but Tommy Turner must also take a lot of credit for his ability to get onto the ball before picking out his strike partner to slot home. We were well in control but due to one bit of indiscipline and a lack of concentration almost threw all our hard work away. The first came when Gareth Wager to whom had been a rock at the back along with Morgan and Butorins , nevertheless rather than be organising his troops he was too busy getting involved with the official that did earn the lad a booking and with it he did fail to see they did have a free man that had pushed from the back and was not tracked by one of the forwards to whom that responsibility was afforded to”. Peters finished by saying: “We managed to see the game out. We should never have putĀ ourselves in that position, but we got the points and apart from situations highlighted it was another fully deserved win”

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