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Managers Comments: An Assistants Reaction Makes Bacup See Red

Bacup Borough 0 – Alsager Town 4

Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters Post Match comments following the home defeat to Alsager.

“The fact we played Alsager three weeks ago we were in no doubt at all the task we did face and the physicality we could expect, given the experience and shrewdness that Alsager possessed against the honest and naivety of our young side, it was imperative we had experienced bright officials that understand the game and to whom are fully versed on potential off the ball incidents, sadly this turned out not to be the case, which did result in an incident from which an Assistant fails to see, despite given the fact it was right in front of him, this incident resulted in my player remonstrating with the Assistant for protection resulting in a straight red card which without doubt did spoil the game and with it did have a massive bearing on the outcome of this game, Peters added”  I do not blame the referee, he can only carry out his responsibilities, given the fact that my player has used some choice words aimed at the Assistant, the Referee was left with no other option but to show the red card, I cannot in anyway condone the words my player used, however if the Assistant does carry out his duties of watching for the deliberate elbow and pushed to the ground, or any off the ball incident, then that reaction does not come, Peters added “ I have to question how much in depth coaching does go into the development of these young officials at County level, too many times I witness them spectating by following the ball, with this being blind to off the ball incidents once the ball has gone forward, Peters added, the scary situation is, potentially these Assistants could be in the middle next year, yet they are not carrying out their duties correctly on the line, something I have spoken to the County about, Peters went on, these situations end up costing the clubs all ends up, the fact the Assistant does not witness such actions which forced a reaction, not only left the team with ten men for thirty minutes of this game, a game we were well and truly in, losing Anthony who is probably our main creative player was a big blow but an even bigger blow we lose him for another two matches and now the club are faced with a three figure fine for breaching the new Respect code the FA have brought in, this all because an assistant is away with the fairies”

Peters went onto say “In terms of our performance I really thought for the first hour until being reduced to ten men we were exceptional in every department apart from our finishing, that could have been different had Tom Coulson’s  superb goal bound strike which came back off the upright had have gone in,  the football we played was a credit to the boys, they certainly did not deserve to have been on the losing side, whilst the team in its entirety did well, a special mention must go to Nathan Emery to whom woke up not well and could easily have dropped out, he didn’t and with this put in an exceptional performance. Peters added “People can say what they like but getting reduced to ten men, losing your most creative player is certainly not an equal playing field, the fact Alsager would over compensate in the area from which we have lost a player, it is inevitable whist we have to ourselves over compensate to counteract this, will leave gaps,  this Alsager exploited which basically finished us off.  Peters added “I really do feel for my boys, they are doing everything rite, working hard but once again a turning point comes in the game as it did at Alsager and then we are playing with ten men, the boys need a break something that will without doubt come, providing they carry on playing and working the way they are currently doing”