Manager Brent Peters Post match  Comments following Cleator Moor when he had this to say “   The words of the song “ the long and winding road were true in every aspect of this game, first of all I could not include my leading goal scorer Matthew Bryan due to the distance we had to travel and times involved due to his business, and then believe me it is one heck of a track for a North West Counties League fixture, then given not very long from the kick off we found ourselves two goals to the bad, then sincerely my thoughts at this point was just that “ THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD,  however one thing I am fast learning with this young and honest group of players, they never no when they are beaten and for sure they never give up, Peters added” of course we all were disappointed to be two goals down but once again when conceding goals we have proved yet again the opposition have not had to work hard for those two first half goals, both coming from basically our deficiencies, Peters said “ their first goal Oliver had time to compose himself before finding a pass, the fact he lashed at the ball un controllably which from this then became a farce has it strikes their player, bounces back and out of all of the players in the box it finds a Celtic player, their second goal was from a long goal keeper kick up the pitch from which I must place some of the blame on our keeper “ Peters added “ as I told him at the break, he can see everything, he could see two defenders running back towards his goal with the ball ahead of Ross, if Peter gives a clear firm instruction there at this point that ball is either helped on back to him with pace, that or told to turn away and put out for a throw, whilst Peters said he gave an instruction, I have to beg to differ because the defender made the wrong decision and was caught out by his decision making,  Peters added “ we are two down and our keeper has not had a save of any consequence to make, in fact he only had one in the second half with a terrific tip over the bar with the scores level, Peters went on “ has a group of players we were second best all over the pitch, our defence was constantly put under pressure because the midfield failed miserably, to this end I compliment the defence has in that first forty five it could have been worst but as a defensive unit we looked solid with yet another top captains display in his organisation from Laquan Esdaille, upfront I felt sorry for Kyle Siddle who never stopped running, constantly proving a threat for our opponents but his strike partner offered nothing has he was too far away from him, something amongst other things were addressed at half time,  Peters then complimented his side for the way they responded to some harsh words at the break from the Manager, Coach and Captain when he had this to say” the second half was chalk and cheese to the first half, I introduced Alex Mellor at the break and he was bright and intelligent when he came on, it was everything about being bright and intelligent that got us our first goal back, then very quickly into the half “ I had a good discussion with my Coach Dave Felgate over the options we had on the bench, all good but all different kinds of players, it was actually Dave that suggest introducing Ryan Siddal for his first start of the season, this I went along with which proved to be a masterstroke has he got in high up the pitch for our well deserved equaliser, Peters added “ then from the highs, soon became a real low, with literally minutes left on the clock and a draw looking the best outcome, I was extremely disappointed with the referee for getting what I class conned, Alex Mellor just went shoulder to shoulder with the player who hit the ground like he had been shot, a good strong official would have said get up and let play go on, it never saw a free kick, this decision put us under unnecessary pressure, granted we did defend the ball and granted it was a bad decision from my young defender not to put his foot through the ball to relieve the pressure, however, never the less, if that free kick is not awarded, that ball would have been in their eighteen yard box and not our eighteen yard box, whilst that was a bad refereeing decision, the next decision from our defender to try to carry the ball out of defence and look to play, was given the time, given the pressure at that time we were under proved to be a really bad decision, the dwelling on the ball invited him to be closed which happened, he lost the ball which then gave Celtic the advantage from which they gladly accepted, leaving us to travel back down that long and winding road home with nothing other than if we just had made those right decisions, something that they must quickly learn from, football is a great game but sadly it can be a cruel one which we did find out “