The new mural – attracting all sorts of attention

As Bacup & Rossendale Borough have taken a step in a new direction, it hasn’t just seen a change in the name, it has a new wall mural located outside the club house.

The mural starts at one side of the outer wall of the club house which takes you on a journey that begins with pictures of the old crest and more memories flashing back from 1893-1894 and 1911 and also leads you up to the present time we are currently at as the new badge is unveiled.

The majority of the successful squads are featured on the mural including the Junior Cup winners 1910-1911, 1922-1923, 1974-1975, Lancashire Combination Champions 1946-1947, North West Counties Division 2 Champions 2002-2003, Challenge Cup Winners 2003-2004 and 2011-2012.

What amazing achievements and what better to keep the great memories right outside the club and at heart.

Whilst the club did not win the Lancashire FA Coop Trophy in this last seasons Reebok Final but it is still recognised and in remembrance with Kaci Peters, (yes she is related to the man himself Brent Peters as she is his granddaughter) holding the coveted trophy.

In addition to this there is a photo of David May, David Felgate and Ian Hughes whom are former football league players who have formerly played for the club and are very much high profile.

Club stalwarts Frank Manning, Edwin Crook, the late Kenneth Peters & Ken Simpson are also featured along with the clubs main sponsor Brian Boys & Team coach sponsor Andrew Kelly. Also featured is 27 year old Bryan Herbert who sadly passed away in October.

The fantastic mural wall piece stretches from one end of the outer wall to the main front door is proving a highly colourful attraction for many as several people have been driving up Cowtoot Lane espescially to catch a sight of this historic piece of equipment.

The mural has been creating a vast range of attention and has many a people going out of their ways to come and see or take pictures of the lovely piece of art.   

To put the icing on the cake certain people have donated £100 to have their name in a piece of history which is a lovely gesture. Having said this there is still room for a further small number on the wall and interested parties should email

We hope to see you there soon to look at our journey and to ‘JOIN OUR JOURNEY’.




mural 2


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