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There Is More Good Than Bad Coming From Us, We Just Need A Break

Following Bacup Boroughs trip to the potteries Manager Brent Peters had this to say


“ I feel really sorry for our boys, once again they have played very well especially in the first half, they have worked hard and really did have the home side on the back foot for the majority of the first half, The home sides keeper was equal to everything we threw at him to which he must be credited for his performance, Peters added “ I only knew about my goal keepers shoulder problem minutes prior to kick off when he returned to the changing rooms early from his pre match warm up, To be honest it did not come across to me that Josh although in discomfort it would restrict him to the point that it did restrict him, equally I do not think Josh himself felt it would restrict him to the point it did, Josh is a very good honest reliable goal keeper to whom never gave me any indication of not being able to take on his responsibilities, if this proved to be bad enough when attempting to go for a ball, his back went into spasm, Peters added “ make no mistake every goal we conceded were basically food and drink for all keepers, Josh not struggling would have dealt with those situations with ease, the issue now is how long Josh will be out” Peters went on  “ I am not taking anything away from Abbey Hulton but the circumstances we found ourselves in it was like we just did not have a keeper between the sticks, credit to our hosts they capitalised on our miss fortune but my boys did not deserve what unfolded, Peters added “ their second goal just killed us in what was a basic take

Peters added “ I moved Joshua Walne into an attacking Mid Field role with the instruction he had to be the third man runner supporting the attacks, I thought in the first half Josh was outstanding involved in a lot of our positive moves, Peters added “ with having leading scorer Wayne Morrison on the bench it was always going to happen if we was chasing the game that I would change the shape, I would be taking off a midfield player and going with three strikers, this I did once I felt the runs from our attacking midfield player had stopped,  this particular change  I have done in most games, Peters went on “ Wayne Morrison and Matty Barlow are very similar players, I could only start with one of them, to compliment Anthony Hall who was a real threat, the fact Wayne Morrison missed training on Thursday and Matty Barlow trained, Matty got the nod, my decision was justified as in the first half the quality of play between Matty Barlow, Anthony Hall and Josh Walne was good on the eye. Peters finished by saying “ Performances are good, we are constantly creating chances which is good, we must improve our conversion rate of chances into goals and equally we must stop conceding the type of goals we are conceding irrespective of the fact my keeper was injured, there really was no excuse for their opening goal which was one long straight ball, very poor indeed, but on the positive side of things, we are not far away, there is more good than bad coming from us, we just need a break “