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Magers Reaction: Disappointing To Lose Our Unbeaten Run.

Following the Cammell Laird Defeat The Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters had this to say “ On Balance of play Cammell Laird deserved their victory, Peters added “ in the first half they asked a lot of questions of us and we just did not have the answers, Peters went on “ from what I witnessed from the shape Lairds adopted in the midfield area we needed an experienced leader in that area to organise the boys from the pitch, Peters added it was difficult to get the messages across from the technical area in order to counteract their diamond shape. Half time could not come quick enough, in order that I could do this from the changing rooms, despite the fact we were getting over run in this area I was hoping we could ride this out without conceding up until the break in order that we all could regroup and re address why this was happening, Peters added “ sadly the Referee opted to award Lairds what I concede to be a really soft penalty, Peters went on “ I cannot help but feel aggrieved about this decision, I am convinced the fact he let an handball go seconds earlier under a barrage of Lairds appeals, that he wilted under pressure from their claims of young Markel having his hand in the players back, Peters added “ this may have been the case but for me their lad was backing in and certainly knew what he was doing” it was harsh to say the least” Peters went on “ I was really disappointed with our mid field has a unit “ it is a given you win your personal battles in there, this we failed to do, in the first half players in there were running around like headless chickens, hence needing that leadership, once I addressed this at the break from this we had more of the ball, constantly we would then give the ball away because their decision making and passing was woeful, this action obviously brought a frustrating afternoon for our front men who had to rely on scraps for the biggest part of the game, Peters added “ some people may question why two changes were made following our win at Nelson, I stand by those decisions, players are fully aware that if they miss the final training session in preparation for the very next game, they are putting their places in jeopardy, why should players to whom make that commitment not be selected ahead of players that do not make that commitment ? all players are fully aware of their responsibilities of playing at this level and demands that it brings, players miss training at their peril, Peters finished by saying “ Whilst it was disappointing to lose our unbeaten run, a simple fact is, we were not going to go through the season winning every game, and we were certainly never going to go through the season unbeaten, we have been beaten, it is now how we respond after that defeat “