Managers Comments: Not Our Day

Oswestry 2- Bacup Borough 0
Bacup Borough’s Media Officer Matthew Lawson Spoke To The Bacup Manager Who Had This To Say.

“ Sometimes in football you don’t get what you deserve, and sometimes in football you have to hold your hands up to the opposition who on this occasion deservedly slightly had the upper hand and with it got the three points, Peters added “ to be perfectly honest our performance may not have reached the outstanding heights that we reached in the first half against Chadderton the previous week, but never the less we played well enough to have come away with something, we did create numerous opportunities, I would not put down to bad misses, more fortunate for the opposition, it was one of those games when everything seemed to fall in favor of Oswestry, be this decisions, be this the rub of the green, be this in their defending, this in contrast with us, no matter what we did or how hard we worked, or how many efforts we had, it just was not happening on the day, I am not in any way taking anything away from our opponents, they themselves were good on the day, they got the breaks we did not, the only break we got was the club car breaking down on route just outside Bury, and Ben Rhodes father coming to the rescue in getting us there with the kit, balls and first aid equipment, certainly no breaks where it mattered on the football pitch “