Managers Reaction: Bacup Borough v Chadderton

Bacup Borough 4- Chadderton-3

Following the game Matthew Lawson Bacup Boroughs Media Spoke To The Bacup Manager Brent Peters Who Had This To Say

“ I would much prefer people to be talking about the scintillating team performance of the first forty five minutes, rather than the negative statements, that we almost threw the points away in the second half, Peters commented “ this was our 4th game in ten days winning two and losing two, the cup game at Prestwich four days earlier was an high tempo game, played on a really heavy surface, in this game against Chadderton the West View Pitch disintegrated badly, with it so did our energy levels longer the game was going, this due to having put so much into a forty five minutes that must rank up there with the best entertaining, attacking performances within my twenty years with the football club and a pitch cutting up badly, Peters added “ our composure on the ball from the back and through midfield was a real pleasure to see, the link up play which at times was produced with one touch passing and good movement, intelligent switching of play, coupled with unselfish play around the box, which brought with it four excellent first half goals was good on the eye, this forty five minutes made me feel so proud of the boys.

“ Captain Adrian Bellamy showed great composure to open up the scoring, the build up from back to front for our second goal, the vision of debutant Rico Stewart to Matthew Barlow to whom picked out Matthew Bryan who was then complimented by excellent running from Josh Walne to whom Matty picked out for Josh to finish, this really was a means to an end at its best, then another debutant Nathan Tayo started the move for our third goal which Anthony Hall’s movement giving Chadderton a real problem, before releasing Matthew Bryan to finish well, then there was our fourth goal from which the compliment of the third goal was reversed with Matthew Bryan’s movement also creating lots of problems before releasing Anthony Hall to also get himself on the score sheet. Peters added “ believe me this really was football at its best”

So what went wrong in the second half Matthew Lawson asks.

Peters commented “ Several reasons, Peters added “ whilst it should not happen, inevitably It happened that some players felt the job was done, after such a demanding few days on heavy surfaces some players dropped their work ethics, you then have a team as in this case Chadderton who no doubt will have been told at the break to give it a good go because they have nothing to lose and all to gain, then straight away you have miss matches, one teams players thinking their work has been done, the other team realising they have not yet started could then make a recipe for a disaster. Peters went on “ I must give Chadderton a lot of credit for their efforts in the second half, they really did show their Management a terrific attitude, this said if Anthony Hall puts his effort away early into the second half, I do believe this really would have finished Chadderton, the fact they themselves did get an early goal, this helped them gain more belief, Peters said “ had we have managed the game a whole lot better by sitting in, I really could not in my wildest dreams see them getting back into this game, however a lack of management from the players by still pushing further looking for more goals, was our down fall, Chadderton would get the ball forward early, some of my players trying to recover was running in quick sand on a decimated pitch leaving us out numbered at the defensive area of the pitch.

Peters finished by saying “The lads were brilliant in the first half, Naïve in the second half, we are a young talented side that going forward will now learn from this experience “