Managers Reaction: Belief In The Camp Is So Positive

After the game the  Bacup Manager Brent Peters had this to say “  If we are given the chance to get the ball down and play, then we have the players that can play and can hurt teams,  credit to Carlisle City they started the game very well in working hard all over the pitch in ensuring we could not get on the ball in order to dominate possession, Peters added “ we really did struggle but I put that more down to how Carlisle worked us rather than bad play from us, this said when we did get on the ball we would either make the wrong decision and with this give the ball back to our hosts, this or over hit or under hit the ball which again did result in cheaply giving Carlisle the ball back, in addition our midfield unit were constantly playing between players which not only did give the Carlisle midfield chance to get on a ball unopposed but the fact their distances were wrong, Carlisle were winning first and second balls,   Peters admitted when he said “ the only reason Carlisle did not break the deadlock in the first half was the excellent defending has a solid unit that Adrian Bellamy, Laquan Esdaille and Oliver Crew did put in, they were all different class not only did they keep us in the game but equally they protected our Keeper that well that I cant remember a save Lewis Monaghan had to make,  Peters said “ having weathered the storm in the first half  we were hoping for much better in the second half, whilst there was an improvement by the fact our Midfield unit did get amongst their opponents better which in turn got us playing, it was the opening minutes of the half which proved costly, Peters added “ all my left sided defender had to do was step across to the player on his outside that was advancing to get onto the ball which was played into the space, for my player in question this was basic defending but he had switched off, in this matter I personally blame myself for selecting the boy when he had not trained and only arrived back from Ibiza on Thursday, but the fact he is an excellent experienced player that basically I have put my trust in him, I do feel let down because it really was a routine defensive move he would normally execute with ease.

Peters went on “ what was pleasing was the way the boys did respond from this setback, they all really did work hard to get back into the game, when Michael Gervin got onto the end of a free kick  given the time on the clock, given the way the game was going territorially I honestly felt confident we would be returning with a well earned point, what I could not legislate for but it is always a possibility when one of our younger players makes a bad decision by committing himself to attempt to win a football in a situation our Left back seemed to have covered, the ball was in a wide position so in reality it was no danger, well not until the player in question attempts to win the ball from the wrong side, this results in  a foul resulting in a free kick which from this delivery our Hosts score what turned out to be the winning goal, there was only minutes remaining until the final whistle. Peters finished by saying “ of course we are all disappointed but both myself and my Coach Dave Felgate can take away once again plenty of positives, we are work in progress, we are a young side and young players will make honest but sometimes bad decisions, this is where both myself and Dave come in, one thing is a certainty the belief in the camp is so positive that everyone believes we are into something good and both myself Dave Felgate and Jimmy Petruzi have no reason to think otherwise “