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Managers Reaction: Ben Rhodes Scored His First Senior Goal

Manager Brent Peters Had This To Say Following The Game.

“Without doubt the pitch was totally unplayable, the only reason this game eventually went ahead was down to the honesty of the players when the official agreed to leave the decision to them, it was an innocent, but Naïve decision based purely on the fact the lads wanted a game of football, some cynics will say it is the same for both sides, well let me inform those cynics it was not the same for both sides, Peters added “ we have a talented skilful bunch of lads that are quick and dynamic, playing on a bog will for starters slow us down, there is a saying “ horses for courses, some like firm, some strive off heavy courses, Peters added “ in my opinion and the same at home against Nelson where the pitch was a total bog, this most certainly did not suit my players one bit, Peters added “ despite the pitch deteriorating by the second, in the first half when it was as good as the pitch would get, Prestwich were second best, the first half goal we scored was very much typical of our play and just what we are capable of, from the ball being played from defence into midfield there was one touch slick passing involving Wilmore, Hall, Bryan leading up to a quality finish from young Ben Rhodes, Peters added “ I am so pleased that Ben scored his first senior goal since his step up from our under 18s, Peters added “ any young lads that aspire to make it either at a good level of non-league or into the football league, should show the same desire, commitment, patience that Ben Rhodes continues to do, week in and week out, Ben like other youngsters in our squad are the future and are very much work in progress, working weekly with Danny Jones will bring these boys on, no end, ‘Peters went onto say “ I never felt that we was ever going to lose this game, even when Prestwich Scored their equaliser, I always felt the minimum we would get from this game was at least one point, However, Lottery is in the meaning of the word, so when my keeper comes to collect a ball that was 70/30 in his favour to lose his footing due to the state of the pitch, this not only leaving him floored, but seeing the Prestwich player gifted the easiest of goals by passing the ball into the back of the net, not only floored our keeper but floored the rest of us, for this to happen in such a tight game when the next goal was vitally important, was soul destroying for everyone connected with Bacup Borough to see, I credit their third goal which was a terrific strike, but in my honest opinion the damage was already done when my boys agreed to play on a pitch not fit for football “