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Managers Reaction: Deserved Win, A Tough Physical Encounter

Following picking up three points against Holker Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters had this to say  ” It is a difficult period for us right now with the amount of games we have to play, with little or no recovery time from one game to the next game, it is also difficult due to not operating with the biggest of squads, so it is really important these boys are injury free and be available for our challenge ahead, Peters added ” these boys are a really honest bunch from which some of them have been playing with injuries, but willing to get through for the cause, this we are all grateful for, Peters added ” we can get away with this providing their injuries are not severe enough to restrict them of their responsibilities, but when you come up against a side like we did against Holker which in some cases over stretched the mark of being physical, with little or no recovery time before our next game which happens to be at St Helens is certainly a worry.

Peters went onto say” All of the league have encountered the bad weather and games have been affected by this which means we are not on our own in playing catch up, however, taken the fact that this is now the business end of the season where clubs such has Bacup will be judged upon where they finish their season, I do think some consideration should be placed on when games are played, by this I am referring to the fact that we had to play on Monday, then we travel on Wednesday to St Helens, another team that has been hit by the weather, and another team fighting for the play offs with us, so to have us playing Monday and St Helens having not played since Saturday, for me is a massive unfair advantage too St Helens to whom should be nice and fresh, whereby we will have played 48hrs sooner, it is not in my opinion an equal playing field.

Peters went onto say ” If we are to achieve our goals, then we are going to have to do it the hard way, if there was ever a group of players you would want to be in this situation with, it is our current group, collectively has honest has they come to which I know will to the end give their all to our cause.

Peters finished by saying ” The Holker game was a tough physical encounter from which we once again conceded a sloppy opening goal, one which our opponents was gifted rather than worked for, following this set back the boys took the game to our opponents especially in the second half from which I thought we played some excellent football with equally all good finishes, Peters said ” At half time I just felt I needed to freshen things up, Arron Kirk was on a yellow card and was maybe lucky to survive another yellow, so that change was inevitable, whilst his replacement Jordan Rutter was very good throughout the half, in the case of Josh Walne and Michael Gervin, two excellent players but both vastly varying different attributes, the way the game was I just felt it needed something different, after all throughout the game we were knocking on the door, it just needed unlocking, which I felt both Michael Gervin and Jordan Rutter contributed greatly too “