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Managers Reaction: Enough Chances To Have Won 3 Matches.

The Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters had this to say ” I made personal changes at the back and with this their responsibilities, from which I was really pleased with how they did present themselves particular Nathan Emery to whom at times really put his body on the line for the cause, that really did please me, Nathan was winning headers against a player head and shoulders in height above, he was aggressive but fair in the challenge, basically not giving their striker any time at all, Peters added ” the Sandbach goal was in my opinion lucky, it may have looked impressive by the fact it is a top corner goal but I can’t help but think from the position the striker was in to where the goals were, there is no doubt in my mind the fact that my defender got something on the ball did make the ball elevate to the position it did, Peters added ” we had more of our share of possession, with this we did create numerous opportunities, but the most disappointing part for me was the fact that despite we were in great scoring positions, we failed to make their keeper work, the half time miss of Matthew Bryan epitomized this when following all of his excellent work in pressing their defender down, forcing an error, going around their keeper but opting for a side foot finish, this rather than power did mean that once their recovering defender got in position to prevent the goal, it was easy to stop the ball from crossing the line.

Peters finished by saying ” We were all left deflated and frustrated by the outcome of this game but in reality we did not at all play badly, we created enough and did have enough chances to have won three football matches, the fact we could not muster just one goal pro ratio of chances we had created has really disappointed us all, but it is something we will be working on and without doubt you will before long see a vast improvement in this particular department and with it hopefully the results will come good.