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Managers Reaction: Extremely Disappointed and Frustrated

Following The Game with St Helens I caught up with the Bacup Manager Brent Peters to Whom Had This to Say.

After three weeks with no competitive match I was looking forward to this game with St Helens but what happened on thirty minutes with the straight Red card of Our striker Wayne Morrison as left me extremely disappointed and frustrated, Peters added ” frustrated by the fact this young Referee failed to manage this situation better, with this completely spoilt the whole dimensions of what would have been a good fair contest, Peters commentated ” when there are two players coming together in order to compete for the ball, the chances being there is bound to be some contact, I agree Wayne did catch the boy but it never in a month of Sundays was it a straight Red, a sentiment echoed by the St Helens Manager and members of their playing staff, Peters fumed ” this decision not only spoilt the contest but given the fact we do not score enough goals by losing our striker really did gave us a mountain to climb, Peters went on to say ” the St Helens opening goal did come from a wrong decision being made by my debutant young defender, this said once we lost possession in the middle of the park I was far from happy that my midfield players did not react and show urgency to recover back, in order to close the gap which would have made the opportunity a whole lot harder than it did by not recovering.

I was delighted with our second half response especially the affects that Anthony Hall had in forcing St Helens back for long periods of the half, it was Anthony that was proving to be a real threat, in addition Adrian Bellamy was unlucky when he did score but the intervention of the Assistant ruled an infringement which chalked the goal off, Peters said ” Adrian Bellamy would have had another goal but for a deliberate handball stopping a goal, again I am not sure if the official got the next decision right” he sent their player off and awarded us a penalty, Peters added ” I could be wrong on this one but I was under the impression this season where a goal scoring opportunity has been deprived, the Referee can award a goal but leave the player on the pitch, if the official awards the penalty, he must send their player off, this was the decision he made but for me, justice was not done ” without doubt Bellamy’s header was going in , the handball stopped this, there was no guarantee we would score the penalty which credit to their keeper he did save the spot kick, so where is the justice? Peters said ” tongue in cheek, Maybe the way forward now is to deliberately prevent a goal scoring opportunity by ways of handball, get reduced to ten men and hope the Goalkeeper saves the spot kick, if this was to be the case there is no justice at all, awarding the goal, justice has been done ” Peters said, “I can’t help but think we were hard done by but no doubt some cynics will say it is our fault for not converting the kick.


Peters finished by saying ” The fact we were for long periods the team posing the biggest threat, we still found ourselves conceding a second goal, this again disappointed me by the fact we had cleared their corner which dropped at the edge of our box, only to find our midfield had left a player unmarked to drive the ball into the net, Peters said” no excuse for this at all, just bad organisation in not upholding responsibilities on set pieces, equally we had players in and around the edge of the box that should have been pushed on, again bad play on those players part by not being attention to detail of their responsibilities, by not being pushed on early, just gave the opposition the chance to have extra bodies around the edge of the area which explains why we was punished from that second goal, ” certainly an area that must be improved upon has we just can’t afford to not be attention to detail and with this keep being punished “