Managers Reaction: I Can’t Praise Them Enough

Following the Widnes game I spoke with the Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters to whom had this to say.

” Given the experience of the Widnes side in contrast to the majority of my starting line up, Given the excellent form to which Widnes are in which is something like now having gone16 games unbeaten this on the back of a 5-0 mid week victory over another good side in Oswestry Town, we all knew what a difficult daunting task we was going to face, Peters added ” there was no use squirming and worrying about our task in hand, what we had to do was face up to it with a positive mindset ourselves, we did just that, with the exception of Adrian Bellamy this Bacup’s team was a very young side that collectively got their mindsets right from the off, not one player was fazed by the opposition, they knew they had a job to do and a good job they did do, Peters added ” it may have been a defeat, but witnessing what I saw, my players all having big hearts, working hard until the final whistle, it actually made it feel like a win rather than the disappointment of defeat.

Peters added ” Whilst Widnes always looked a danger when they were allowed to get into areas where by they could hurt us, this was always going to be the case given the profile of some of their lads compared to our lads, the most important thing for us is that we all worked hard, competed well in reducing any Widnes threat, this we did, my biggest disappointment was the manner in which we conceded their opening goal, the fact we stopped thinking the ball was going out of play, the fact we stopped on an offside shout was our undoing, which a side has good has Widnes will punish us for, this they did, Peters added ” if we take that situation out of the first forty five minutes, then it would have been an excellent opening half, Peters said ” The situation we are faced with not having a clinical finisher in the camp, to concede we was always staring at a defeat, Peters added ” our goals for account this season is one of the worst in the division, something we are trying to put right, but this is easier said than done especially with our very limited budget, however nothing can be negatively aimed at the boys out there against Widnes, they all put in an honest work man like performance of which I can’t t praise them enough.
Peters finished by saying ” At the end of the game, several of the young lads said too me they were shattered after that game, I shook their hands and said ” that should be the feeling of every player after a ninety minute shift in every game ” They worked tirelessly through out against an excellent Widnes side that had to work hard for everything they got on the day, a sentiment echoed by my counterpart Joey Dunne to whom recognised the fact and did go on record in his post match quotes by saying it was an hard fought victory “