Manager’s Reaction: I won’t select those who don’t fulfill their duties

Following Bacup Borough’s 5-2 loss against Widnes FC I sat down with Brent Peters to get his take on the game.

Brent Peters: “All of our players were looking forward to playing their first match of 2016 in the impressive Select Security Stadium on the 4G Surface, the home of Widnes Vikings. In many ways it seemed the ideal setting for our talented side, a nice stadium with a large pitch, the kind of surface our lads train on every week,  where I witness them training at a great tempo and playing the ball with excellent retention. It seemed everything ticked the boxes for us to produce the kind of football and goals we are capable of.

“The only down side was the absence of six players, either through suspension, injury or sickness that without doubt would have been in the starting eleven, this said, although not at our strongest we still had a team of talented players on the pitch and really should have had too much for Widnes.

“It started this way – for the first fifteen minutes our hosts could not get near the ball, our shape was good, the tempo was good, we moved the ball well but during this time maybe lacked that killer instinct by over playing in the final third of the pitch. It was a good start, it was positive, this until certain individuals seemed to start to lose energy. This or a lack of desire, maybe both due to over indulging during the festive season, only the players in question can answer that. However, what I can answer is once this started to happen and players were failing within their responsibilities Widnes started to come into the game. It is disappointing when we pick a team with high energy, players that would normally attack and commit the opposition players failed to let this happen, in other words sadly playing within themselves. It was not hard to identify the players to whom had prepared correctly for this game and the ones who had not.

“In the second half with personnel changes, so did our goal threat at the top end of the pitch, we scored two goals, we were unlucky not to have had more, these chances in the main coming from players being on the front foot, putting pressure on the ball, with this creating panic in their defence, something that just failed to happen in the first forty five minutes.

“The worst time to concede is just before half time, something which we did from a free kick. This infuriated me, the fact that the ball ended up at the edge of the box and the nearest player to that ball  was too busy trying to get another player in, this rather than throw his body into a challenge for the cause. It not only failed to happen on this goal but also on goal three, from a corner this time and the same player, who was also involved in the fourth goal  when he failed to put pressure on the ball, let the lad run. My player was running with him which without committing himself it was pretty obvious a shot would come, it did and we conceded another goal. If pressure is not put onto the ball inevitably danger will follow.

“If certain players cannot be bothered to fully fulfill their responsibilities, both in and out of possession for the game in its entirety, then I can’t be bothered to select them, the issue with this game is that I had little option with other players not available.”