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Managers Reaction: Mistakes Cost Games

Manager Brent Peters had this to say ” The facts are there for everyone to see, given the size of their keeper, given the fact their keeper is facing an experienced striker on a free shot 12yds out but fails to hit the target, then that for me is the reason we failed to kick on in this game, goals change the mind-set of everyone, Peters added ” it is one thing hitting the target and the keeper being equal to the kick, then applaud their keeper, but to not even hit the target is extremely disappointing, Peters went onto say ” I still felt confident we would get something from the game, young Anthony Hall was a constant thorn in the opponents side, he used the ball well, he was brave enough to take players on so much so that our opponents were constantly breaking up our play by conceding free kick after free kick, but a mixture of bad deliveries and good defending just added to all of our frustration, Peters then said” if you look at the goal they scored it was bad defending, for one their left sided player was not in any way defended against, leaving him the chance to deliver a ball basically with ease, but then my defender lets the ball bounce and misjudges the ball to embarrassingly go under his raised leg running to their advancing player to finish. Peters added ” once they scored given our threat they would cynically keep breaking up play hence why so many free kicks and equally stoppage time added of 11minutes, this in itself shows what we were up against and why we could not in any way get our game going, Peters finished by saying ” it is what it is, we brush ourselves down and go again.