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Managers Reaction: Much Improved Performance In 2nd Half

Following the game the Bacup Manager Brent Peters Had This To Say “ Our Lack of game time and Match Sharpness having not played a competitive game for two weeks told at the start of this game when our host took full advantage of this, Cheadle really did come at us, before we could get our second wind Cheadle had opened the scoring and basically had the game won in the first twenty minutes, Peters added “ playing a 4-4-2 against a three man midfield should not be a problem providing the unit can get across quickly in transition, this is where it was costing us which inevitably forced my hand at the break to relinquish my two wingers in order to introduce another midfield player and striker, Peters went on “ this change certainly made for a better performance from us and with it a more even contest, unlike the first half when we was second best everywhere, Peters added “ with some luck at the start of the second half we could easily have inflicted the damage onto Cheadle just like Cheadle inflicted on us at the start of the first half, had we have, it could easily have been 3-3 the difference, Cheadle were clinical, we was not,
Peters went on “ if you break the game down into 2 half’s, we lost the first half 3-0, we drew the second half 1-1 with a much better performance from the team, something that having got over the first half an hour having not been playing, once the changes had been made and the boys picked up the pace of the game, it did not surprise me, there is no doubts in my mind the lack of game time was the reason we were all way off the pace at the start, credit to Cheadle they made us pay dearly for this. “