Bacup Borough Football Club
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Following this game I spoke to the Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters to whom had this to say.

“ Suspensions, Injuries are part and parcel of football, something all clubs face and have to deal with, however when what has happened to us going into these double header fixtures having got suspensions, injuries, coupled with sickness and work commitments all transpiring at the same time, then without doubt this becomes a challenging time for not only myself but my Coaches Andrew Barlow and Feree Edwards and the remaining players to whom have to pick up the baton and run with it, this is exactly what we all have done, Peters added “ in adversity we must always remain positive, we must ensure we all prepare the boys well and hope the boys respond, this I am pleased to say is exactly what has happened and with this the positive outcome being, the boys have delivered for us, not just by the fact of securing back to back away wins against difficult opposition, but by way of attitude, commitment and determination of having to play two games back to back in just over forty eight hours between each game, having to play when not themselves fully fit with little recovery time and no strength in depth in the squad to offer some the chance of sitting out the game, Peters added “ being depleted just did not offer such option, Peters then went onto say “ I am so proud of these boys involved in the Eccleshall & Daisy Hill games, their response to the challenge has been unquestionable, their performance, both individual and collective has been a pleasure to watch and witness, the fact their performance levels were such that it has brought us six points with two back to back away win fixtures is very much the icing on the cake. Peters finished by saying “ What I have witnessed in these two matches, what return the club has got from these two matches has very much made me proud of my players and coaching staff, after all ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE, WE have proved that big time “