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Manager’s Reaction: “Poetry In Motion!”

Following Bacup Borough’s 9-2 victory over local rivals Rochdale Town I sat down with Brent Peters to get his take on the game.

Brent Peters: “Following on from our excellent performance on Saturday this display can best be described as ‘poetry in motion’. Believe me when I say it was not Rochdale that was bad, far from it, it was us collectively as a team, we were different class, on the night on a complete different level to that of our opponents.

“It is always important to start well, this we did and with it we got our first goal of the nine within five minutes, this certainly spurred us on to go and get more, this we did with absolute quality football. It was that good exhibited on a big pitch that Rochdale just could not get near us to get a foot hold in the game.

“The gulf in class was plain to see, whilst it was very much a well executed team performance I cant help but single out both Kelvin Trippier and Thomas Black who both got hattricks, their goals were not just any goals, they were special and of the highest quality. Goals that would befit any Premiership stadiums through out the country.

“Every manager has their preferred team shape and I am no different but in any shape it inevitably comes down to players with their attitude, desire and work rate in order to make any shape work. Players to whom have played under myself know that in my favoured shape every single player have their own responsibilities both in and out of possession. Out of possession being of the utmost importance. In the past certain players will not do the dirty work, such as forwards not wanting to defend against defenders. That is nonsense and unacceptable as it is a team game.

“The pleasing aspect of this entire group is collectively their attitudes, work rate and desire to take on their responsibilities within our team shape both in and out of possession, it can be best described as impeccable, this attitude makes the job of my coaches Andy Barlow and Ferre Edwards so much easier and with this have been able to put on excellent phases of play sessions that the boys have taken on board, and with this taken into their games which have taken us to another level.

“Unlike certain players  that were at this club in the past couple of seasons this group have no egos, they are a good group with the winning mentality and know what it takes to win football matches. I am not stupid enough to think we will win every game, we will not, suspensions and injuries will have a say in this. However, one thing I can hang my hat on – these boys will always put in honest performances, such is the kind of lads they are. From a manager’s perspective I cant ask for more, everything else will be a bonus just like scoring 9 in this game was “