Following The Game I spoke To The Bacup Manager Brent Peters who had this to say “

Whilst I am naturally disappointed with the result has my lads are also, we all know they fully deserved something from the game, but result apart I took a lot of pride and satisfaction away from the game by the fact we have worked in the close season hard on team shape, responsibilities in and out of possession, in this respect this game against last season’s promotion contenders was going to be a big test, I was really pleased by the way we executed this, we really did look like a well drilled quality side, providing the boys stick to their tasks going forward, then there will be far more positive results than negative ones, in this game it really did come down to fine margins, whilst their finish was clinical our chances were separated by the post and cross bar, my disappointment with their goal was the fact it actually was created by a quality cross which did come has a result of my player unfortunately taking a bad touch which advanced towards their wide player to whom delivered the quality cross, on the bad touch had my player have carried on and pressed the ball that cross does not happen but he retreated off to mark a player not a danger, the thin margin comes down to simply an innocent but wrong decision from which should that similar situation arise again, I am sure he will do the correct thing by pressing the ball, that was the danger, the ironic part about his touch, if he gets his touch right he would have gone past their player and we would have been breaking, Peters added “ the work rate and discipline from all the boys in difficult hot conditions was really good, I am just so disappointed for the group that their work ethics have resulted in not getting anything from the game, but there is an old but true saying “ you don’t always get what your work rate and play deserves “ credit to Prestwich who scored a slender goal to take maximum points, it was pleasing to hear them saying we will be with them challenging “ whilst it is good to hear things like that, it is now down to our boys in how they react to defeat going forward “