Managers Reaction: Thirty Minutes Too Far.


Going out of the FA Vase at the first attempt is always disappointing especially given the financial gain that this competition brings, this said I have to assess our overhaul performance and look deep into the reasons this as happened, first of all our over haul performance up until the 80th minute was very good to the point that I felt we were the better side and fully in control of the game, Peters added “ Congleton’s opening two goals were against the run of play, basically gifted goals, to get out battled on a corner is one thing, but to afford the opposition with a free header is poor on our part, their second goal was a miss understanding between defender and keeper, Peters added “ credit to our boys we pulled this deficit right back and we even did take the lead, we were playing well, however what happens throughout football it seems refereeing decisions can play a part in how a game will go, this for me is what happened, for a start I thought the initial free kick leading to their 80th minute equaliser was not a free kick, I also felt following this kick, when the ball was played back in on the second phase and our keeper Aaron Ashley did take the ball high but did drop after being hit by challenges which in my view was a result of a foul not given, so rather than a free kick to us it was a goal to them, that is the thin dividing line, Peters then said what followed was unacceptable “ our Gareth Wager was clearly targeted and punched from which I witnessed, rightly so their lad gets sent off, for me this is where it should have ended but what always seems to happen in these situations a punch from any player seems to create an issue with both sets of players, mainly pulling people away, however Assistants get themselves involved and can’t seem to identify if a team mate is being aggressive or attempting to break up a volatile situation, invariably Assistants get it wrong, this happened to our Nicky Taylor last season and now in this instance Adrian Bellamy to whom was trying to defuse an ugly situation but finds himself red carded, Peters added “ in future when two players are throwing punches at each other, I will instruct my players to stand back and watch ( tongue in cheek) this will never happen, players of both sides will step in and in the main try to defuse the situation but they should not themselves receive a straight red because an assistant cannot identify the difference. Peters went onto say “ loosing Adrian Bellamy followed by a second yellow for Nathan Emery, that was two important defenders off the pitch and Bacup with only nine men was always going to find it difficult, the fact we saw the ninety minutes out and securing a 3-3 score line was credit to the lads on the pitch. Peters commented “ This is where one would be thankful of no extra time in the initial game, had this have been the case we would be in a replay now at Bacup, it is not the case and given the number of disadvantage player wise in extra time, given the fact we had players with pulls and strains we could not replace, just meant we had to see the game out the best we could, Peters finished by saying “ once they got their two quick extra time goals we had to open up and go for it, the fact we did, the fact we were outnumbered, the fact we had players that were dead on their feet with all substitutes used, was the reason the goals rained against us like they did, circumstances dictated the final outcome of this game, extra time proved thirty minutes too far when a replay would have seen us home and dry “