Managers Reaction: Well Contested Exciting Game

Following the Prestwich Heys Game The Bacup Borough Manager Brent Peters Had This To Say.

“ To say I was struggling for numbers ahead of this game was an understatement, the team sheet may have been showing five substitutes but the true reality only one player was injury free, I have to credit both Thomas Coulson and Harvey Close for being on hand in ensuring we had a team to put out, this despite both having been ruled out by the clubs senior Physiotherapist, Peters added “ if this situation was not bad enough Nathan Emery failed to make it having been stuck in Wigan, Peters went on to say “this is the joys of Non League Football but despite our situation, the lads that made themselves available & contributed to this game I certainly cannot fault their commitment, endeavor or will to win in any way at all, the boys all contributed well to what turned out to be a good well contested exciting game, that brought with it five goals for the followers, to get this sort of game it takes two committed teams and excellent officials, all was very much the case on the night, credit to all, Peters added “ Given the effort our boys put into this game it was a crying shame they finished this game with nothing to show for their efforts. I did point out to them at full time, work rate should always be a given, this is a minimum requirement, what must be mixed with this is being disciplined when it comes to ones responsibilities, something which my player responsible for marking their captain on a corner that failed to do so which resulted in a free header and Prestwich’s second goal something he must not only learn from but improve also, Peters added “ even their third goal should have been avoided, this was a thirty yard strike from our keepers kick, the sore point for me is why the initial ball was played back some twenty yards to our keeper which had him scrambling to clear, when the player in question should have had the bottle to stay on the ball to deliver a forward pass, a right decision in this instance would not have put ourselves in such a situation.
Peters went onto say “ It was a massive boost having Matthew Bryan back to compliment Rio Wilson Heys, their pace and power was proving to be a real threat to Prestwich, Matthew took his goal well, his partner Rio was unlucky he did not join him in the goal scoring charts being thwarted by the upright and a goal line clearance, Peters finished by saying “ Scoring two goals with the amount of possession we had in the second half, really should have got us through the game with the points but if certain individuals will not stand up and be counted on defending corners and equally making wrong decisions, then no matter how hard we work as a team, no matter how many goals we score, we will always be vulnerable to losing a game as was the case v Prestwich